I use Traffic Swirl Daily to build DWSEarner on Auto Pilot.
Best investment, best traffic exchange, producing results.

They are great for team building any core business.

Finding your referral link.

Log into TSwirl Click above AFFILIATE Then Click Promote.

First When joining Traffic Swirl.

Upgrade set up your Surf Team. Great way to support and reward your team.
Log into TSwirl!  
Click above Games then click Teams. 

FREE Members Scroll down and find a team. Keep an eye out for the email from your DWSEarner Sponsor who will send you his team link to sign up from.

At The Far Right Click ACCEPT.
You can use this splash to promote your team.

YOU will see your link when you click Games then team.

When you log into the surfing Bar.

Click where it reads TURBOS and activate them.
It is the fastest site I know to surf at daily getting double advertising credits and rewards.
Credits build very fast giving you great rewards to use for you promoting your Core Business.
Be sure to join the surf chat bar and communicate often.

This is where I surf daily earning rewards at Zubee while participating with the Traffic Swirl games.

Surfing for tokens transferring them to credits to blast promoting of my DWSearner link and splash pages I have designed at Traffic Wave  capturing email addresses.

Getting Paid Referrals Today Is EASY if you offer enough incentive.
I promote My DWSearner and T Wave Splash Page links.
Also all members at TSwirl will be viewing this link when I purchase Log in Pages for the week. 
I would not be spending $76 if the system did not work.

I then introduce all these New members to ABC4Income.

How to set a task at Traffic Swirl.

Log in click Advertise above then click TASK.

Click Facebook Page Likes. Next fill in the details.
Add your face book Group Link where it says add url.
Where it reads offer enter the amount of tokens you wish to give each member.
Quantity enter how many members you wish to offer to. Additional Info:
Enter here for example. Join our happy family at our Facebook Group. 24/7 Support. How to generate a real income on line daily. No Cheaters I check requests to join group before accepting.
Finish with clicking Submit Add.

Using Traffic Swirl Tasks is the best sure fire method for getting referrals for any really good programs or services you want to promote!
My only objective, is to get you involved with our team so you will quickly realize its value and stick around to make more money for ALL of us.
Once you start making money with my help, you will be hooked just like I was.
I use Traffic Swirl Token to grab Surfing Boosters, to also reward my team and transfer to credits for promoting.
Check often my Tasks I set for my Team Bonuses.  (dollarwise)

LETS START.  Log in.

Hover the mouse above where it reads ACCOUNT>    

Here is also where you can transfer credits to your referrals for rewards.

Click and edit Profile.

Add your pay pal email address to be paid every Friday..

Add your Zubee Id name to collect prizes when surfing.

Adding your photo.
We use Gravatar to host our profile photos.

Upload your avatar at and it will update here automatically.

Make sure to use the same email address you use at the Traffic Exchanges.

When you first log into Traffic Swirl.
If you see the Chest top Left Click and Claim Tokens.

Above Click Accounts Click Profile adding your pay pal email address.
The beauty is Admin Pays every Friday. No need to request.
Follow these steps Daily.
First Join A Surf Team at Traffic Swirl.
Second Transfer Tokens into Advertising.
I always check what offer Traffic Swirl is doing. Click Advertise above.
YOU will see a box stating 1000 Credits For Example 700 Tokens.
I then go and see if I can purchase them cheaper in the market place.
Above Click Tokens. Then Click Market Place.
Click yellow buttons to transfer tokens into Credits.
Click Tokens Then Tasks to see what other members are offering tokens for signup, face book likes rewards.

BEFORE Logging Out Redeem your Treasure Chests.

Cash Chests!
Congratulations! You Won 3 Cash Chests!

I sell my Chests for tokens. 
Click above Market place. Then in very small writing you will see written.
Click Here to Create a Trade
Select from the drop down box what you wish to sell.
Example Select 1 Siver chest. Enter in the box how many you wish to sell.
YOU will see the recommended price. I also enter a lower figure.
It will state. Your Cost: 4 Tokens  to list (Fee is non-refundable) BUT remember you are selling it to receive 40 tokens etc.
Click List It.  Repeat.

Then Simple Before you log out of Traffic Swirl. Transfer Tokens into Credits.
Return to advertise.
Where you see the pencil on the right beside sites. CLICK then allocate credits.
Communicating with team is the key.
Once a week log in click above Affiliate then click Contact Refferrals.
Copy and paste your message then click send.
Click above Games and play a few weekly.
Setting up Advertising. ABOVE Click the button Advertise.
These are the links to promote. YOU then introduce members to your down line builder.
This way you are not spreading your wings to far. 
YOUR team will follow you into these programs on Auto Pilot. NO need to promote them.

Only promote 2-3 Core Programs.
Mine are DWSEarner  GDI and SFI.

Not a member Scroll to the top and click the banners to sign up.
I introduce all my SFI Team to my GDI Training website. Offering to design them Free.

I do not promote GDI I use them solely for training my team.
The GDI affiliate program is an extra bonus income.


Lets Start ABOVE Click the button Advertise. 
Then at the right Click the +
A Box will appear.
Add A New Website Ad Campaign
Name your Campaign (This makes it easier to find)
Example I enter DWSEarner.
Full Website URL
Copy and paste your link here.

A New Box Will APPEAR.  Continue filling in the details.
Assigned Credits:  Enter amount of credits.
The rest I leave the same.

Where it reads. Beginning left click in the empty box. Click Now then Done.
Click Save. Repeat.

Once you build up Tokens Do Some Paid To Click Promoting.
ABOVE Click the button Advertise.  At the top Click the Orange PTC Button.
Website.  Select from the drop down box which link to promote.
Offer Type: Select from the drop down box.
Offer Amount: Select from the drop down box the amount of tokens you are offering.
Quantity: It will show 1000. DELETE this and enter the amount you wish to purchase.
Check what amount of Tokens they will deduct from your account.
If you agree then click List IT>

Remember At the left  CLICK and open Treasure Chests if you see one.  

You can open them with keys you win

Click at the left Banner Exchange.

I add my DWSEarner Banner And ABC4Income Links.

These are some other banners I add.

Copy and  paste the links. Change my Id to yours.

Above Automatically Assign YOUR  Banner Impressions  CHECK IT is  ON

Examples of some tex Links I add.

SFI Guru shares secrets to Generating a real income online.

To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time & advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.
So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now! I am very excited to see how my Team Builds in 2015.
Let’s face it, advertising is a numbers game.

The more your ad is shown, the higher percentage of click-through and sales you will convert.
Next Step. Decide what hours you wish to dedicate to your SFI Business.
The beauty is you wake up, then just walk over to your computer.
Sit Down and you are ready to go. YOU decide what hours you want to work,
YOU can reshuffle your time table if you need to spend time with the kids at school etc.
YOU determine your results. The more you participate the more rewards you will receive in return.

NO time to surf.

Use your SFI T Credits or MRP Point to grab FREE Advertising for SFI or DWSEarner.

YOU will also earn at SFI when any of your down line purchase.

Once Purchased Send in a support ticket at DWSEarner adding ID to allocate Double credit bonus.

WARNING. Stay well away from ClickAd Xpress! Traffic Monsoon!

Worst scams on line!

I use McFee Security which informs me of dangerous sites when surfing.

SO do not join new sites you see when surfing.

Weekly I suggest to join one new recommended site.

Upgrading and adding it to your Sales Funnel.

Do not go in Guns Blazing.

By not spreading your wings to far to fast you will get better results. 

Spend the next few months learning about SFI using the networks above for promoting before moving on.

Once a Week Send a message to your Traffic Swirl Referrals.

Click above Affiliate then Click Email Referrals.  Change my links to yours.

Morning all from Maree your sponsor.

Very Important click profile and add your photo.

I reward my team for participation Via DWSEarner My Traffic Exchange.

Check in daily to see what spot prizes are on offer 🌹 🌸

How to start generating a real income working from home.👌 message me

Sale leads System for Team Building DWSEarner and GDI.
Simple step by step training guide to follow.
Team growth That Will Generate Earnings.
Easy Down line builder to Explode any Core business.
Make this the year to explode your Online Presence.

Be sure to view my down line Page. Add your TSwirl promotional link at these sites.
Log into TSwirl!
In To Win Weekly.  If I see a member promoting DWSEarner I reward them 100 Tickets.

The key is not to spread your wings to far. Only promote 2-3 Core Programs.
Mine are DWSEarner  ABC4Income and GDI. .

I surf at TSwirl then sell my Cash Chests I earn while surfing for tokens.
I then exchange those tokens for credits to promote my Core Programs.

I  purchased my own Traffic Exchange in 2015.
Investing thousands.  Providing all my team a safe and friendly surfing environment.
Start Generating A Real Income Working From Home.
Have you ever asked yourself this QUESTION?
“What is the easiest way to make money online?”
Sure you have and so have thousands of others.
The Key Unlock it today.
Check out My Training page for DWSEarner.

Find promo codes and competitions here
Cheers Maree.
Be sure to join our team chatting in the surf bar. 24/7 support.